Five Steps to Turn the Tide on the Climate Crisis

How to Do Building Automation System (BAS) Graphics Right

Energy and Beer – The Path to Sustainability

Challenges with Rooftop Units and Factory Controls

Welcome 2020 - Now Let’s Meet those 2030 Goals!

Making Sense of Building Data: Part 1: Overview

Saving the Planet One Veggie Burger at a Time

It’s All in the Lighting: A Closer Look at the CRI Method

Understanding the Basics of a Ground-Coupled (Closed Loop) Heat Pump Design: Part 2

The United Federation of Energy Transition

USP 800 Pharmacy HVAC Testing – The Devil is in the Details: Part 1

Understanding the Basics of a Ground-Coupled (Closed Loop) Heat Pump Design: Part 1

A New Metric for 21st Century Buildings: The Carbon Emissions Intensity (CEI)

The Wonderful World of Compost

Spreading the Green

Benchmarking and Beyond

A Long Wind on Long Tailpipes

Resiliency in the Future Workforce: What Traits Will We Need?

Occupant Based Controls for Energy Savings

Do Sweat the Small Stuff: Seemingly Small Issues Can Wreak Havoc in Buildings

Housing Density, Liberal Ideals, and Nimby-ism

A Change in Career to Tackle Change in the Climate

Forgoing Band-Aids: Approaching and Fixing Building Issues Holistically

Retrocommissioning 2.0

Snowflakes...and Energy Savings

Retrocommissioning - Looking Back to Move Forward

My Life as a Remote Employee: Part II

My Life as a Remote Employee: Part I

The Unique Needs of Operating Room Upgrades: A Project Manager's Perspective

OPR: The Underappreciated Path to Success

Keeping Cool in the Modern Era: R-22 to R-407C

Why Design Review Is Crucial

The Case for Small, Local Engineering Firms

Project Management Basics – Five Rules for Successful Additional Service Requests

Optimal Start/Stop and You’re Done, Right?

Using Energy Metering to Verify Your Building's Performance

Introduction to Dynamic Lighting Systems

Using Market Smarts to Enhance Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation

Quantifying Benefits of Passive Solar Heating Technology

Is Electrification of Space Heating a Positive Step?

The Importance of the Project Coordinator Role in Building Commissioning

Earth Week - It's Not Enough

Measuring the Openness of the Building Automation System Industry

Rack-Mounted Load Banks for Data Center Load Testing

Energy Management: Turning Vision into Action

The Right Light for Your Building: Designing and Commissioning Wireless Lighting Controls Systems 

Israel: A Country Reaching for Sustainable Solutions

Who is Responsible for Low Energy Code Requirements for Lighting?

The Case for Monitoring Outside Air Flow in Hospitals

Better Buildings by Design 2018: A Commissioning Agent's Experience

Building Retrofits: The Retrocommissioning Approach

Open the Mines! Let’s Start the Dig for Data and Improve Building Performance.

2018 Resolutions: Goals for the Building Commissioning Industry

Impressions of Colombia: Farming, Fair Trade, and the FARC Peace Treaty

Using Opposite Season Testing to Protect the Integrity of Your HVAC System

Retaining Energy Savings, and Snowflakes

The Role of Commissioning for Industrialized Construction Projects

The Role of Thermal Energy Storage in Electric Grid Management

The Business Case for Health Care Reform in the United States

Can We Transition to Renewable Energy Systems without Government Support?

Designing Buildings for Resiliency To Accommodate Power Failures

How to Tell When It’s Time to Start The Retrocommissioning Process

Designing a High-Performance Building for Antarctic Conditions

No Touch Energy Audits Can Reduce Cost & Increase Granularity of Data

ASHRAE Guideline 36: Benefits of Real World Implementation

Quantifying Our Firm’s Carbon Footprint – Where to Start?

Understanding Electronically Commutated Motors

An Energy Efficiency Horoscope

Magnetic Bearing Chillers - Proven Efficiency and Reliability

The Importance of Functional Performance Testing BAS Outputs

CleanMed Conference Report

High Performance Neighborhoods: Sustainable Water Use

Acting Locally After Paris Accord Withdrawal

The Advantages of Publicly Accessible Controls Documentation

Adapting to Climate Change: Why Do It, and How to Begin?

The Emerging Business Model of Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Special Considerations for Hospital Operating Room Upgrades

Community Engagement for Carbon Neutrality

Beyond Band-Aids: Approaching and Fixing Building Issues Holistically

Lighting Control Systems and the Double-Edged Sword

Adaptability for Survival in a Changing Environment

Implications of the Average Global Temperature Rising Two Degrees 

Renewable Energy Generation in the United States

Dangers of TMY3 Data in an Era of Changing Climates (Part 2)

Is Typical Meteorological Data Relevant for Energy Analysis? (Part 1)

Heat Pumps Catered to Colder Climates; Will Increased U.S. Adoption Continue?

Good Construction = Hard Commissioning

More Issues with the Energy Code – Lighting is Running Rampant

Optimizing Air Handling Units for Healthcare

Football Stadiums and Energy Efficiency. Fantasy?

Rethinking Server Room and Small Data Center Configurations

Winter Olympics 2050 — Dubai, UAE?

LED Lighting as the Future of Demand Management

How Demand Limiting Can Help Control Energy Costs

RS-485– Part 3: Red Flags and How to Avoid Them

ASHE Construction in Healthcare Workshop

HFC Refrigerants Are on the Way Out

Saving New York City from Rising Sea Levels

Turning Big Data into Actionable Intelligence

Peak Shaving To Save Money on Your Facility’s Electric Bill

Ireland’s Energy Sources: How Green is the Emerald Isle?

What is RS-485? – Part 2

Impact of Energy Efficiency on the Electric Grid

What Is RS-485? – Part 1

Applying Commercial AC Features to Residential for Cleaner Energy During Peak

Three Things to Check Before Deploying Energy Meters

Energy Burden is Just One Indicator of Inequality

Construction of the 2016 Rio Olympics

Do Chilled Beams Save Energy Over VAV Systems?

BACnet vs LON – A Network Data Comparison

Bill Gates’ Environmental Math and Getting to Zero CO2

Leveraging Building Automation Systems During Construction

Making Meetings Work For You

Using a Fan Array for Air Handler Redundancy

Construction Project Management Challenges in Healthcare Facilities

Can Solar Photovoltaic Subsidies Be Justified?

Building Monitoring with Energy Management Information Systems

The Future of Lighting

Optimizing Air Handling Units for Energy Savings or Improved Comfort

The Future of Demand Response After FERC v. ESPA Decided by SCOTUS

Energy Visualization Through Building Data Analytics: Knowledge is Power

Death of a Controlsperson

A Schematic Is Worth a Thousand Words

Asset Management: a Transportation Systems Engineering Perspective

The Importance of Communication in the Commissioning Process

What is the Roof Top Unit Challenge?

Importance of Healthcare Room Pressure Relationships

Why Over Lighting is a Problem Worth Fixing

Inigo Montoya and the Definition of Open Systems

Managing the Growth of Building Energy Management Systems

A Surprising Peak Electric Demand Contributor

A New Perspective as a Project Manager on a Mechanical System Upgrade

Pneumatic Transport Systems: Actually a Series of Tubes

Retrocommissioning 2.0

Move Over Governments – Corporations are Leading on Climate Change

Impacts of PID* Tuning

The False Tradeoff between Energy Efficiency and Building Performance

Common Issues with VRF System Installation

Prices Keep Falling for Large-Scale Solar PV. So what?

Toxic Living Environments – Why Are They Legal?

Is the Energy Efficiency Field Growing Up?

More Tech, More Energy Loss – A Shift in the Wrong Direction

OAT (Outside Air Temperature) Reset Is Like Your Hammer

Setback Strategies for Unoccupied Healthcare Operating Rooms

Common Pre-Functional Testing Checks

Customer-Facing Tools to Manage Energy Use

Legionnaire’s Disease and Cooling Towers: Risk Management

Battle of the Office Thermostat – Fanger Who?

Why Third Party Energy Efficiency Program Evaluations?

Pitfalls of Evaluation, Measurement and Verification

ASHRAE Guideline 36 – The Next Generation Control System

EM&V Resources: Many Minds Are Better Than One

Measurement Tools for Energy Audits and RCx

Creating a Bid Document for a Ventilation VAV Retrofit

Top Apps for HVAC and Energy Analysis: 2015 Update

Pitfalls of Canned New Construction Specifications

Understanding Flow Meters: What You Need to Know

Right-Sizing Combined Heat and Power Systems

Why Energy Efficiency Process Evaluation Needs Market Smarts

Building Commissioning: Whose Role is it Anyway?

EM&V Metering: Right Place, Right Time, Right Duration

Using the LEED Dynamic Plaque for Building Performance Monitoring

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Wireless Temperature Sensors

BAS Trend Data is the Ultimate Retrocommissioning Tool

3 Ways to Increase Your Retrocommissioning Project Success

The Promise of an Open Platform for Building Controls

Chillers Offer Big Savings with Retrocommissioning

How to Get the Most from Your Building Using Energy Metering

How to Retrocommission Fan Systems for Sweet ROI

How to Increase Adoption of Retrocommissioning Through Energy Efficiency Programs

The Retrocommissioning Process: Where To Start?

Big Energy Savings from Small Building Retrocommissioning

Building Systems, the Internet of Things and Security

Process Evaluation for Efficiency Programs

Energy Benchmarking for a Healthcare Network

Retrocommissioning to Make Building HVAC Systems Work Better

EM&V: Determining Energy Efficiency Program Performance

HVAC and the Aircraft Cabin Environment at 30,000 Feet

Controlling Operating Room Temperature and Humidity, and Managing Expectations

Wireless Technology Infiltration into HVAC Automation

Testing an Emergency Power System for a Data Center

The Importance of HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Is a Net Zero World Even Possible?

Metering Dollars Well Spent: Sizing a Replacement Chiller

Is It a Heat Pump, Boiler or Furnace? – A Case for Engineer/Social Scientist Collaboration on Market Research

Efficient Operation of Unoccupied Healthcare Operating Rooms

Performing a Water Consumption Analysis (Part 2)

Is a Cold Weather Heat Pump Right for Your Building?

Proven Energy Savings through Building Retro-Commissioning

The Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) Switch and Efficiency

Is Big City Engineering Better than Local Engineering?

Accounting for Uncertainty in Energy Savings Estimates

Carbon Monoxide and Parking Garage Ventilation Systems

On Building Commissioning, Quality and the Software Industry

Smart Residential HVAC Monitoring

US Ranks 13th out of 16 in Energy Efficiency

Planning for an ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit

Retrocommissioning Field Lessons

Functional Performance Testing Done Right: Details Matter

E-Cigarettes and Indoor Air Quality

Control Graphics: What You See is What You Get

It Isn't Easy Building Green

Energy Efficiency and the Commissioning Agent

The Evolution of Cx Associates’ Award-Winning Green Incentives Program

Performing a Water Consumption Analysis – Scope of Work Determination (Part 1)

Chernobyl, Again

Risk Management through Facility Management and Building Commissioning

The Next Big Thing In Energy Efficiency

Benchmarking Your Building With Wegowise

Communication Frustration

A Penny Saved is … Three Pennies Earned

An Easy HVAC Security Target

Cash Flow Benefit of Financing Energy Efficiency Investments

Barriers to Our Net Zero Home

The Benefits of an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit

The Economics of Building Energy Efficiency

Life Cycle Costing for Building Investments

Energy Efficiency as a Long-Term Commitment

Energy Efficiency Opportunity Identification as a Tactical Strike

A Paperless Commissioning Process – Is it Effective?

A Vision for an Energy Efficiency Retirement Fund

Direct Liquid Cooling for Data Center Energy Savings

Smart Lighting for People and the Planet

HVAC Issues and Repairs at 1.2 Million Feet

LEED Version 4 and Its Effects on Commissioning Credits

Deciphering the Term “Energy Manager”

Design vs. Installation: Small Details Have Big Impacts

Toward Better Control of Lighting Controls

Why Are Lighting Energy Standards Decreasing?

PM: Preventative Maintenance or Poorly Maintained?

The Importance of Equipment Accessibility in Buildings

HVAC Control Sequences of Operation and ASHRAE Research Project (RP) 1455

Autumn Shoulder Season To-Dos: Preparing HVAC Systems for Colder Weather

Domestic Hot Water Heating Using Air Source Heat Pumps

The America's Cup and Building Energy Resiliency

The Energy Star Portfolio Manager Upgrade – New Useful Features

Tips on Developing an Effective Building Commissioning RFP

Data Analytics in Energy Use Disaggregation and Energy Efficiency

Financing Energy Efficiency – A Bull in the China Shop?

Understanding the EPA’s Energy Star Buildings Energy Use Index

Data Loggers: Two Applications of New Technology

Energy Metering Devices: What's New

The Building Controls Are (Not) Done - Part II

Building Commissioning as a Tool for Risk Management

Journey to Building a Net Zero Home – the Beginning

Our Building Commissioning Toolbox: Add Thermal Imaging?

Retrocommissioning an Existing Building: A Success Story

Hotel Guestroom HVAC Control Systems - Opportunities for Energy Efficiency

The Building Controls Are (Not) Done

The Evolving Building Commissioning Industry - a Report from NCBC 2013

Building Control System Graphics - Common Pitfalls

Five Critical Rules for Energy Efficiency Provider Success

Green Banks on the Horizon: Third Party Energy Efficiency Financing

Functional Performance Testing of Your HVAC System Brains: Part 2

The Evolution of a Hospitality Heat Pump System

Three Commissioning Essentials for Energy Savings

Exasperated with Inefficient Kitchen Exhaust

Outside Air Economizers – Energy Efficiency Friend or Foe?

Functional Performance Testing of Your HVAC System Brains

The Evolving Energy Efficiency Market: Benchmarking

Top Apps for HVAC and Energy Analysis - Update

Takeaways from the Northeast Chapter BCA Commissioning Summit

Wireless Building Sensors That Harvest Ambient Energy

Energy Efficiency Policy: A Market-Based Program Approach

Effective Presentations: 12 Tips for Engineers (Don’t Laugh)

What is the Cost of a Damper Actuator Installed Backwards?

Fundamentals of Energy Efficient HVAC Pumping

The Importance of Opposite Season Testing for HVAC Systems

Going Beyond Building Commissioning

Building Controls Wisdom from Notes on a Napkin

Fan Coil Units Without BMS – A Lesson Learned

Is There Power in Occupant Heat?

Building Management System (In)Security

Testing Differential Pressure Reset For Fun and Profit

Sales is Important to Engineering – Who Knew!

Greenbuild 2012 and Social Hierarchy

Testing and Unbalancing Variable Air Flow System Performance

What is a Green Building?

Take Control of Your Building with Owner’s Project Requirements

Cloud-Based Building Automation: Building Control Evolution

Stories From the Field - Oopsies and Worse - Part II

Building Management System Seasonal Reset: Don’t Forget

An Energy Efficient Home Informed by Commercial Buildings

Building Performance Problem Solving

Stories From the Field – Oopsies and Worse - Part I

Top Apps for HVAC and Energy Analysis

Energy Performance Equals Building Resilience: Part 2 - The Building of the Future

Energy Performance Equals Building Resilience: Part 1

DDC Sensor Calibration Is Important and Often Overlooked

Sustainability and Workplace Culture

The Transportation Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Benchmarking is Good for Everyone

Condenser Water Pumps: How to Get 16 Percent More - for Free

Summer Barbecue With the Refrigerant R-290

Is “Whole Building” Energy Consumption Whole?

The Success of a Performance Contract Lies in the Details

Choosing the Greenest Buildings

Energy Efficiency and Sound Control: Part 3

Fault Detection and Diagnostics in Direct Digital Control Systems

Successfully Commissioning Design Build Projects

Energy Efficiency in Seawater Desalination

What Does a Ton of CO2 Look Like?

Green Benefits: 6 Ways to Encourage Employees Who Commute

Energy Efficiency and Sound Control: Part 2

Inspiration vs. Inertia – Hope for Market Transformation

ESCO: Energy Efficiency Investment with No Money Down

Data Center Efficiency: IT Side Approaches

Building Performance Metrics: Why Building Energy Use Feedback Is Essential

Why the Many Facets of Building Retrocommissioning Matter

Energy Efficiency and Sound Control: Part 1

Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Condensing Boiler

Energy Performance for Computer Datacenters: Macro Trends

Design Engineers Benefit from Building Commissioning

Light Pollution – An Energy, Environmental and Security Problem

Measurement & Verification of Building Energy Savings: Work Smart Not Hard

Quality Building Commissioning Services: What to Look For

Retrocommissioning and Energy Efficiency BEFORE Renewables

Can Ground Source Heat Pump Systems Be Considered Renewable?

Sustainability and Corporate Culture Change

Six Principles for Sustainable Employee Engagement

Energy Efficiency Baselines: Project Specific In Your Future?

Why Calibrate Your Building Control Sensors?

How to Present Your Commissioning Design Review Comments Convincingly

PETM: Better the Second Time Around?

Building Retrocommissioning: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Forget the Belts (no suspenders either)

Why You Need a Design Review

5 Keys to Building Energy Resilience

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