Building Energy Resilience

Ideas to fuel a sustainable built environment

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The Case for Hourly Emissions Accounting

By Daniel Jordan on Jun 7, 2023 10:00:00 AM

Last month, at the close of Vermont’s legislative session, the House and Senate agreed to create a Legislative Working Group to investigate reforming VT’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES). This is a big deal because the RES sets the rules by which Vermont utilities claim their electricity is renewable. And now those rules might change.

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The United Federation of Energy Transition

By Rachael Straub on Nov 6, 2019 10:00:00 AM

In 2011, a study, co-authored by an engineering professor from Stanford and a transportation research scientist from UC-Davis, found that we could halt global warming, save millions of lives, reduce air and water pollution, and develop secure, reliable energy sources in 20-40 years. Nearly all of this could be done with existing technology and at costs comparable with what we spend on energy today.

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A Long Wind on Long Tailpipes

By Rick Stehmeyer on Jul 31, 2019 10:00:00 AM

My wife and I have committed to no longer buying combustion engines of any type. This commitment is not easy. It’s not fun either. It is, however, getting easier as time goes on. A recent challenge we faced with this commitment occurred when we realized we needed a new lawn mower. Just try buying an electric lawn mower – not only are their price tags still very much above that of their gasoline-loving counterparts, but you may also pay a hefty price arguing with your spouse about it.

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