Eveline Killian on Improving Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Nov 4, 2020 10:00:00 AM

VEIC's clean energy calls bring together industry leaders across the country to discuss and unpack the challenges, opportunities, and innovative approaches critical to making clean energy core to post-pandemic recovery.


Partial transcript:

VEIC is a sustainable energy company on a mission to generate the energy solutions the world needs. Our role as both implementers of energy efficiency programs and as consultants throughout the country has given us a direct view into the impact COVID has and will continue to have on clean energy. We want to lean into the questions that many of us are grappling with who do this sort of work during. Each of our clean energy calls we will dive into one specific topic and hear from a diverse group of experts about the obstacles and opportunities we're facing together. Our goal is to have a frank conversation that spotlights smart strategies and today's topic is improving indoor air quality in schools and how Vermont delivered.

Around the country we are seeing a patchwork approach to schools reopening with some states partially closed or operating a hybrid model. Others ordering schools to open and the majority leaving it to the districts or localities to decide. In addition to new cleaning and wellness procedures, indoor air quality improvements is one of the clear measures identified to prepare schools for in-person learning. And today we're here to talk about just that – indoor air quality improvements in schools, and specifically about Vermont's coordinated approach to this important work. And with that I am eager to dive into these questions with my panelists. So, starting with Dan and with Rachel, I'm curious if you can tell us a little bit about why an energy efficiency utility is involved in an indoor air quality?