Hypertherm Heater Road

Turning LEED Silver Into LEED Gold

In 2011, Cx Associates began working with Hypertherm, a world leading plasma and laser cutting equipment manufacturer located in New Hampshire. We provided LEED consultation; building envelope, HVAC, and electrical commissioning; and measurement and verification (M&V) planning and implementation services for this $35 million, 160,000 square foot LEED project.

Hypertherm Hyper

At the outset, the ambitious project had a goal of LEED Silver, using the LEED 2009 ratings system. Cx Associates worked closely with the team to minimize energy use and to maximize achievement of other credits. Through intense collaboration between Hypertherm, the design team and our firm, we were able to identify opportunities to reduce process-related loads – key in a LEED manufacturing facility. The team engaged in creative problem solving to find innovative efficiency opportunities. As a result, we were able to help Hypertherm surpass their original goal of LEED Silver. In December of 2013, Hypertherm was awarded LEED Gold - the only facility of its kind in New Hampshire to receive that certification from the USGBC.

LS HTR walkway to floor

Commissioning and Beyond

Cx Associates provided numerous design reviews and addressed issues such as light quality and vertical foot-candles in manufacturing, chiller selection and energy recovery system optimization and envelope detailing and testing approaches. The team recognized the benefit of Cx Associates' input and incorporated the majority of our comments into the design. During construction our team provided rigorous testing of all commissioned systems, supported owner training, ensured the project was properly documented, assisted the project in attaining energy efficiency incentives, and monitored the project during warranty.

Ensuring Performance for Years to Come

Cx Associates worked with the team to ensure the Owner will know how their building is performing once the design, construction and commissioning teams leave the site. We developed a detailed plan including metering equipment specifications and programming instructions to ensure the necessary measurement and analysis package was included in the construction, and detailing how measurement and verification will be performed. Cx is supporting Hypertherm as they evaluate the building's performance after its first full year of operation. This level of engagement allows Cx Associates to close the loop by providing detailed feedback on building and system performance to the Owner and the project team furthering the knowledge of energy efficiency approaches and how they actually perform in the field.

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