Cx Associates Sponsors the Vermont Green Building Gala

Mar 12, 2018 12:58:04 PM

March 9, 2018 - Cx Associates is pleased to sponsor the Vermont Green Building Network and their annual Gala event. The Vermont Green Building Gala features the Vermont’s Greenest Building Awards Celebration and takes place at Main Street Landing in Burlington, VT on Thursday, March 29. This event recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements in the development of leading-edge commercial and residential buildings. From the beginning, the Vermont’s Greenest Building Awards recognized proven energy performance in buildings by giving awards for consumption lower than 50% of regional averages.

The 2017 submissions are expanding the criteria to include additional green features such as health, water and transportation. While proven energy efficiency and renewable generation remain core components of the award criteria, recognizing additional features and providing bonus points for affordability and low square footage are important evolutions in the awards. Cx Associates managing partner and VGBN board president, Jennifer Chiodo, who introduced the awards in 2012, says, “Part of the purpose of the awards is to demonstrate how low we can go in terms of building energy consumption. Having evidence that homes and commercial buildings can provide wonderful, healthy and comfortable environments in Vermont with minimal energy input is an inspiration in my work.”

Cx Associates’ mission is to increase energy efficiency through innovative building solutions and energy programs. In addition to their platinum partnership of VGBN, Cx Associates provides pro bono technical support for the awards, developing the application forms and reviewing submissions. 

In alignment with Cx Associates’ goals, VGBN also continuously and persistently works to promote building practices that are healthy, economical and socially stimulating. Chiodo explains that, “As a Platinum Partner of VGBN, we work collaboratively to reach our common goal: better buildings for people and the planet. Working together and acknowledging the accomplishments of others, as the Vermont Green Building Gala intends to do, is imperative to continuing our pursuit for better buildings.” We hope to see you there, contributing to the celebration of our community’s achievements in sustainable buildings.

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