NYSERDA NCP Impact Evaluation

Cx Associates served as project manager, evaluation study designer, primary researcher, and M&V provider for the C&I New Construction Program for NYSERDA. During this $3.7M project, we contributed actionable findings that helped the study evolve in innovated ways. We developed a detailed matrix to identify baselines for a variety of control strategies, comparison strategies to identify overall performance metrics, detailed reporting to address control programming issues, and pre-modeling reviews.

Topics: Evaluation Measurement & Verification (EM& Utility Efficiency Program Program Evaluation

Con Edison Measurement & Verification

Cx Associates has led the measurement and verification of energy efficiency demand management projects for Consolidated Edison Company of New York (ConEd) since 2016. ConEd powers New York City and Westchester County, and our work on this project ensures that the energy savings needed for grid reliability are being achieved and maintained. These projects include HVAC technologies and upgrades, battery storage, fuel cells, lighting controls and retrofits, and Building Automation System demand response enablement and optimization. We provide recommendations on program methodology and content, review M&V guidelines intended for customer consumption, and perform desk reviews, among other responsibilities.

Topics: Energy Efficiency Evaluation Measurement & Verification (EM& Utility Efficiency Program

M&V Case Study: VFD Installed on a Milk Vacuum Pump

Description of Project: A variable speed drive was installed on an existing constant speed 10 HP milk vacuum pump. Since the maximum capacity of the vacuum pump was not needed for the operation of the milking facilities, the VFD allowed the vacuum pump to run at a fraction of its maximum load thereby saving energy. Demand savings for the measure was claimed during ISO winter performance hours.

Topics: Evaluation Measurement & Verification (EM&

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